About us

Our story begins in 1911, or rather, that of Silius, who perhaps never would have expected to get to where we are today, starting from a cart and some clothes sold door to door; in an Italy of the forties that was preparing to enter the war, a young man was beginning to fight his.

The opening of the first shop in Piazza Mensini was the result of the passion and determination that still dominate in our company, but the evolution, the increase, the development of its business Silio owes it in part to the children: Osvaldo e Arrigo, and partly to the grandchildren: Patrician e Simone.
We are therefore in the third generation of the family, which is already facing the fourth with Niccolò.

Behind the scenes of a company that strives to be at the top in its category, it is essential to keep up with the times, and we have always been committed to research and updates aimed at customer satisfaction ... repaid the efforts and today made us a guarantee in clothing throughout Italy!

With the willpower and passion that have always distinguished us, we shield ourselves so that the story continues.

Welcome to Brandz!